Lehigh Women's Soccer Falls 1-0 to Towson

September 01, 2017
By: Erica Rose

Well it’s not like the Lehigh women’s soccer team didn’t have opportunities in their loss to Towson; in fact they had 24, but still the Mountain Hawks continue to struggle when it comes to finishing. Yes, the team was 2-0-1 heading into the matchup but they had only put up 3 goals in those 3 outings.  Really it was the defense led by sophomore Sam Mille, who kept them in most of the games.  And it was the defense again last night that held off the Tigers while they waited for their offense to finish. Unfortunately, however that time never came and Towson was able to squeak one in off of their 9 shots.

"We have to execute better," said Lehigh head coach Eric Lambinus. “I think we settled for too many shots from distance. We were trying to be too intricate at times. There were times when we needed to be a little bit simpler, work together and create better chances. We work on it every day. We have to execute in the games.

Despite the loss, there were still things that stood out to Coach Lambinus. The team did control the time of possession, and even though it stings ultimately the out of conference games are just preparation for the Patriot League. "There were definitely moments when we played a lot better than other games, but it's still a 1-0 loss," said Lambinus. "Over a 90-minute period, we played better than we played in some of the games over the weekend. We're going to give up goals, but we should be able to score two or three goals on a regular occasion, especially with the amount of time we had the ball. It's something we're going to continue to work on."

The Mountain Hawks look to bounce back on Sunday, when they travel to Delaware, and if they want to see more W’s in their future they are certainly going to need to score some goals.