September 15, 2017
By: Doug Heater

I just finished up a feature story on Alex and Oscar Greene, twin brothers who play soccer at Lehigh. It will air on Monday September 18th on Lehigh Sports Central. It was really a cool experience, sitting down with the two juniors, and finding out how completely different twin brothers can be, despite being born only two hours apart.

    Right away you can tell that Oscar is the more outspoken one. During the interview Alex had plenty of input, but is definitely the quieter of the two. Oscar interestingly enough would like to play pro soccer in Japan, where their mother currently lives, while Alex, would rather have a future creating applications, but would also like to live in Japan. The two are very driven, and were a pleasure to talk to, especially with some many college students unsure of what they want their future to be.

    What I think was so unique about the interview was that while they are twins, they are very, very different. One thing that is common among them however, is the desire to focus most of their time and energy into their studies, and not be distracted by anything that would take away from them doing well at Lehigh academically. When I joked with them about if they ever had some fun while growing up, and pretended to be the other, they immediately said no, that they were too worried that it might put them behind in their school work, plus Alex reminded me that he has the better grades of the two.

    Most people think that siblings should be alike, especially twins. This story proves that is not always true. Oscar is a much more intense, and fiery competitor on the field, and prepares his mind and body to excel in that area. Alex is much more calm and reserved, but still has the drive to do well in the sport that they have participated in since they were 8 year’s old.

    When I asked what drew them to soccer, they told me that they had competed in martial arts for some time when they were little, and decided to give soccer a try, even though they did not watch it, nor where they that interested in it. After one rec league game, they were hooked and have been playing ever since. 

    There head coach at Lehigh, Dean Koski had told me that it was difficult in the beginning to tell the two apart, but now as they grow older, there is an apparent difference in appearance, especially after Oscar changed his hair style. The twins told me that when they were younger, their youth coaches wouldn’t let them play on the same team, because the chemistry on the field between them was too much for any other team to contend with. 

    You can definitely see the strong bond between the two brothers has never weakened, even though Oscar’s first choice in college, was somewhere in San Diego where the campus was on the beach.   

    When talking about themselves on and off the field, they used the phrase “twin sense” you can definitely see how apparent that is now, and in the future for kids that sometimes are just called, “twins”.