September 01, 2017
By: Doug Heater

    With the official college football season getting underway last night, Thursday August 31st, who doesn’t get all amped up for what is easily the best sports season of them all. Since I was a little kid, I have absolutely loved the fall, probably because football has been my favorite sport since I was born. Lately, I have joked that fall officially begins in August, since there is already that feel of fall, with the weather getting cooler at night, and football to be watched before Labor Day. 

    I love the NFL, don’t get me wrong, but a college football Saturday, there is just nothing better. More than 13 hours of football, spreading all over the country. It has gotten so intense for me, that I even look forward to FCS games on Saturday’s. What I think is unique is that each weekend feels like it’s as important as if it were the last, especially now with the College Football Playoff such an important part of the postseason. As they like to say, every week matters.    

    I will make this blog short, but the excitement I feel each weekend is hard to put into words. Here is an example. Since I have the luxury of watching multiple games at once with an awesome setup I have built at my house, I managed to watch over 360 games last season. That’s just college games. My goal is to top that this year, all starting tonight. Enjoy the Thursday night slate, and enjoy the best sports season there is!