September 15, 2017
By: Erica Rose

Every year Muhlenberg and Moravian compete for the Matte Award, named for the late Aaron Matte who attended Muhlenberg College. The trophy goes to the school with the better record in head-to-head competition in all 16 sports over three athletic seasons. And it’s safe to say the Mules have been dominating the past few years, as they have won it the past three. Last night began another year of the competition as Moravian women’s soccer hosted the Mules and the Greyhounds volleyball team travelled to Muhlenberg. While the Mules dropped an OT loss in soccer, the Volleyball team was able to even the score. The women’s tennis teams will be the next to face off on September 19th. And if you don’t think this award is a big deal. It is. The teams take pride in being able to hold the trophy at the end of the year.   

Even without the trophy, the Muhlenberg/Moravian rivalry is one that goes back a long time. The teams are not in the same conference, however the close proximity feeds the rivalry. And every year both players and coaches look forward to the showdown. Head Women’s Basketball Coach Mary Beth Spirk is even on record saying “beating Muhlenberg each year is high on the list of our team goals each season.”  “… Getting a victory against them is a huge accomplishment.”  The Mules have won or shared the award 13 of the last 14 years, and that is something the Greyhounds are hoping to change beginning this year.