September 20, 2018
By: Erica Rose
Tuesday night was my first night back in a few months and I was assigned the Parkland/Liberty girls volleyball game.  After doing some research, I went into the match thinking it would be a pretty good one.  I even told my husband I’m expecting a 5 setter.

Well things didn’t start out that way.  In fact, two sets in and I thought “boy was I wrong, this is going to be a quick night."  Parkland was trailing 2 sets to none and in the second set Liberty cruised 25-16.  But, with the Trojans being who they are and having a coach like Mike Krause, I should have known this match was far from being over.  

The 4-1 team settled down and began its comeback.  Parkland claimed the 3rd set 25-19, won the 4th set 25-23, and finally 15-10 in the 5th.  Even though the Trojans came out victorious in each of those sets it honestly could have gone either way.  Liberty had its chances, but Parkland looked like a different team.  I asked coach Krause if they changed a lot after the second set but he said not really.  The team just settled in, and led by a bunch of seniors who have gone into 5-set matches three other times already this season, they just finally started playing their game.  He did mention that Liberty was missing their one setter and they changed their game around that.  He also credited them for how well they played.  

The Trojans not only handed the Hurricanes their first loss of the season, but also their first set loss on the year.   Parkland may be slightly inexperienced this year, but they did not look it in the final three sets on Tuesday night.