September 07, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Well I am sad to say that my maternity leave is quickly coming to an end, and I will more than likely be back in the field in the next few weeks.  It is crazy how fast the time goes and this summer was no different. Even with a newborn in the house, the days just seem to fly. While I am very sad to be leaving my family and heading back to work, I feel that fall is the perfect time to return.  As many of you know I played field hockey through college, so I love watching the game and reporting on it (even though several people have trouble understanding it!) The talent on the field hockey field in the area is very impressive. I also played volleyball when I was younger and loved that too.  Unfortunately, it was the same season as field hockey so when I went to high school I had to make a decision - I chose field hockey. But, I still enjoy playing for fun and covering this sport as well. The talent does not lack here either, after all Central Catholic and Parkland were state contenders once again last season.  I’m not going to lie, soccer can be a little long at times to cover, but what I would give to still have the stamina of those athletes! And then of course there is football. I mean who doesn’t look forward to football? And the passion of the fans up here is incredible. I cannot wait to bring my son to one of the games.


So yes I am disappointed to be leaving my family, but like I said at least I will be enjoying the work!