September 11, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
Did you know the Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes in North America? It's also the only trophy in major sports that is not reproduced each year. There are 2,267  names engraved on the Cup. When the bottom band becomes full, the oldest bad is removed and preserved in the Hockey Hall of fame and the blank band is added to the bottom. Now that the bottom band is full, The Washington Capitals will be the first name engraved to the new band and will be there for 60 years. The Stanley Cup is also the most traveled trophy of all time and it recently  made its way to the Lehigh Valley. Allentown Central Catholic's 2006 graduate Ray Straccia is the assistant equipment manager for the Washington Capitals. Even though he might not lace up his skates and compete, he is still as apart of the team as anyone else. When he found out he got to take the cup for a day, a tradition that started back in 1995 by the New Jersey Devils, he immediately thought of taking it home. He expressed that everyone who helped him get to this point of success in his life, deserves to a chance with the trophy. Lord Stanley had it's fair share of the Valley that's for sure. He first stopped at Yocco's. As a kid him and his friends would always stop their so he had to fill it with hotdogs and french fries. After Yocco's, he made his way to WaWa to fill it with the iconic WaWa slushy. Ray then brought the trophy back to his house where him and his family threw a party. This party was nothing short of a perfect way to celebrate Lord Stanley. Everyone of all ages was drinking out of the cup and taking pictures with it, a once and a lifetime experience. I myself even had the chance to take a picture with it. Ray's experience will something he said he will always be extremely  grateful for. He understands that their are some professional hockey players who wait their whole lives for a moment like this and some unfortunately never get the chance to be the ones to win it. At 12:00 AM the cup was taken away, but who knows, maybe it will find its way back here again!