September 25, 2018
By: Erica Rose
Anyone who knows my husband and I knows that we are both very much in to sports.  After all, that is how we met.  So it’s not surprising that our son, our oldest, lives and breathes sports at the very age of 3.  Yes 3.  If you don’t believe me, here is a glimpse into a typical day: wake up, go downstairs, put on the replay of the Phillies game from the night before (they play past his bedtime), re-enact said baseball game.  Once he is done playing by himself - we are up! Whether we are his teammate or on the other team, it doesn’t matter.  On a side note – we NEVER win.  He even tries to recruit his 2-year-old sister who has very little interest.  After we convince him to take a break and eat, it’s onto the next sport - football, and then the next - soccer, and the next - basketball until we get back to baseball!  I kid you not; we are more exhausted at the end of the night than he is! 

Since he is so into sports we signed him up for an All-Star All Sports program that runs a couple of weeks and introduces a different sport each week.  Well this past week was baseball.  Anyone who has a child or has seen young kids play sports knows that it is very entertaining.  I could not stop laughing. Most of them are probably out there because their parents want them doing something. That seemed pretty evident, as the majority didn’t even know to run to first base after hitting the ball.  But not Tommy. He was the most serious player out there.  How serious?  Well he was taking practice swings before he stepped to the plate … to hit off a tee!  He was also fielding balls and tagging kids out, and not understanding why 3 outs didn’t mean he could bat again.  Other kids were chasing after the ball they hit, running to the dugout, or right past first base towards the outfield.  But, most importantly, they all had fun.  Tommy had a blast out there on the diamond.  You could see the joy on his face and that’s what playing sports is all about.

Next week is flag football, and it should be interesting considering he has no issues tackling his 2-year-old sister at full speed! We’re already trying to ingrain the concept of not tackling in his brain, but I’ll let you know how it goes!