September 09, 2018
By: Steve Degler

I will be the first to admit it: I am not a football junkie. There's no chance I spend an entire Saturday or Sunday in front of the television watching the action on the gridiron. It's not that I dislike the game, I just don't devote a whole day to it. Many people do and there is nothing wrong with that. I'd prefer to be outside working in my yard.

I will try to watch Penn State and the Eagles as much as I can. But that isn't every game depending on our TV2 Sports schedule. But after watching the Falcons-Eagles game Thursday night to kick off the NFL season, I'm not sure how much more of the pro game I can take. My patience is being tested.

The general thinking is that offense sells tickets and grabs viewers. There is a lot of excitement in a 34-31 game. That doesn't mean entertaining 17-14 games can't be played. I feel for defensive players and their coaches. The rules are slanted so hard in favor of the offense. And the price for penalties on the defense is almost always severe--automatic first down in addition to yardage. There's not much a defensive player can do without drawing a flag. That drives me up the wall. Let them play some defense. Or at least give them a chance.

There were 26 accepted penalties in the Atlanta-Philadelphia game. 26!! In 60 minutes. Referee John Hussey was on the microphone more than Al Michaels. How is that must watch TV? It was completely aggravating. 

I know many of the rules have been implemented with player safety in mind. I totally get that. But it's almost to the point where we're going to have to put flags around the waists of every player. A defensive player can't hit a quarterback and land on him with his total body weight? Are they supposed to dance instead?

The game is getting hard to watch. The rules, and the amount of them, are ridiculous. Consider this...the Eagles were penalized 15 yards because one of their gunners on punt coverage went out of bounds and didn't return to the field immediately. That's the same penalty as unnecessary roughness. Makes total sense right? If that guy wants to run around everyone on the sideline for 30 yards, who cares? What play is he going to make from there? Is he going to get down the field quicker navigating all the out of bounds hazards? If you tell me the rule is once you go out of bounds on your own during a play, you can't return, that makes some sense. You left the field. Can't come back this play. It's become a bunch of nonsense that leads to games dragging on and on.

Let them play some football!!