September 09, 2018
By: Leah Kocse

In pre-season, Parkland Head Coach Al Haddad talked about his teams longtime win streak, how his team wanted to keep it going, but how he knew that one day it would most likely come to an end. Well, that day came Wednesday evening, when the Emmaus Green Hornets defeated the trojans 2-to-1 at Memorial Field. The game was like any other rivalry match-up, stands full of fans excited to see what would unfold. In the first half, Emmaus struck first when junior defender Grace Eisenhard scores off a free kick to give the hornets the early lead, just 7 minutes into the game. Emmaus goal keeper Alexa Ryan would hold her own in net, diving to save a number of shots from the Trojans, while the Hornets offense would strike again. Just 18 minutes after the first goal, Senior Forward Kelli Reith finds the back of the net to give Emmaus a 2 goal lead. With time winding down, Parkland finds their 3rd corner opportunity, and they make good on the play, with Senior Midfielder Louise Gottwald scoring on a rebound to cut the lead back down to 1 at half. But in the 2nd Half, Ryan continues to do an incredible job in net with 8 saves on the night, leaving Emmaus ahead by 1 goal at the final whistle.

 As the Lady Hornets began celebrating the win, they had no idea they had just put an end to the Trojans 70 game winning streak against district XI opponents, that dated back to October 2014.  To put that in perspective, until Wednesday night, the Parkland Seniors had no idea what it was like to lose to a local team. Pretty crazy, right. But despite the loss, Coach Haddad talked about celebrating the accomplishment in itself, how it took many teams to pitch in to keep the streak going, and how he was excited to see what his girls will have in their bellies when practice resumes this week. Coach Haddad also tipped his hat off to the Emmaus team, for playing a great game. Of course, there were some tears shed from the girls, but knowing this team, I agree with Coach Haddad, I think they’ll regroup and come back even harder. 

As for Emmaus, they also gave credit to Parkland for playing a great game, and couldn’t have been happier to finally get a win over the Trojans. Emmaus Head Coach Sarah Oswald praised her teams dedication and hard work, which translated onto the turf. After the game, some of the girls talked about how they hope this win, over the 3-time defending district champs, will carry over into the rest of the season. If you ask me, I think it will, and we’re destined to see a rematch in the near future!