September 26, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of learning all about an incredible nonprofit organization. I'm so happy I got to cover this story and can't wait to fill you all in.

Angel 34 is a nonprofit organization that makes a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. Days after her 13th birthday, Nicole Sheriff was diagnosed with cancer. She was an athlete at Northampton High School where she played field hockey, and basketball. Nicole loved sports and received numerous awards and accolades. During her battle with cancer, Nicole was always looking for ways to ease her pain. She would take the time to talk to other children about procedures they would go through or about the positive side of wearing a wig. She also found the time to have stuffed animals handed out to the other children.

It takes a special kind of person to give back so much even though they're going through the same pain. At the age of 14, she knew she wanted to start a foundation, which is where Angel 34 was formed. Nicole wanted to make sure every child had their own angel to look after them in their journey. Although no longer with us, Nicole’s Angel 34 has raised over $7,000,000 towards childhood cancer care in her honor. Her parents are the heads of the foundation and they love making Nicole's memory live on as they help others going through the same thing.

With Nicole's love of sports came the idea of holding an annual Childhood Cancer Olympics. The 15th annual event was recently held at Northampton High School. Anyone could participate, but the majority of participants were teams from all local high schools competing against each other for a great cause. They played fun and silly games. The head of the foundation, Nicole's father-Doug Sheriff, told me they try and play fun and unusual games to get people smiling because everyone knows the word "cancer" usually comes with a somber mood. 

Angel 34 has multiple events going on year round and anyone can join to help raise money for something we all hope and pray can be cured soon.