October 03, 2018
By: Erica Rose
When you hear the word “family” one typically thinks of their loved ones. Moms, dads, siblings etc. But sometimes “family” extends past a blood relationship.  Sometimes, friends turn into family, teammates.  

Last night, when I was interviewing the winning team, the term they kept using was family.  And it showed on the field.  The Nazareth Blue Eagles girls soccer team came into Whitehall and handed the Zephyrs their first loss of the season.  Surprising? Not for them, and not for anyone who watched the game last night.  The Blue Eagles came out firing, and made just their second shot count.   Hayden Berner was the one to finish the job, getting enough on it to re-direct the ball past Whitehall’s keeper, but it was Kerry Quinn who placed the ball perfectly for her just moments before.  It felt as if the Zephyrs never had a sense of urgency in this one.  Yes, they put on more pressure as the game progressed, but it was all Nazareth last night.  And when I asked what was the difference from the first time these two met – they told me they are now a family, playing as a team.  No one person is better than the other.  

It also takes talent to defeat a team like Whitehall, and the Blue Eagles have made it clear they have that as well.  Last night, the quick passes, the give-and-gos were all working.  And it’s been more than last night.  The Blue Eagles are now winners of eight straight games with just five remaining.  Three of those will be played this week, as they have a make-up game against Easton Tuesday.  Parkland is also on the schedule for Nazareth, who is responsible for one of their two losses.  So while the team was enjoying Monday’s win, it will be interesting to see if they can keep up the tempo.  But, one thing is certain – this young team will be in the mix for the next few years.