October 22, 2018
By: Leah Kocse
The day was long but it was well worth it for Nazareth, as the girls volleyball team defeated Parkland in five sets to claim their first EPC title in school history.

Blue Eagles Senior Maria Harding talked about how it felt to be holding that trophy. “It’s amazing. I’m just so proud of everyone on the team, and the coaches, and we made some adjustments that were just huge, and we all played out, we really wanted this one. It’s a huge win for us. We started as freshman and we came to be seniors, for us it’s really exciting to finally get it.” 

Senior Emily Quinn also shared the same sentiment saying “It’s crazy. It’s something we’ve been dreaming about since eighth grade, and I know me and Avery have been playing together since fifth grade so it’s something that we’ve been wanting since a long time. Everyone played their best, and it was just an amazing group effort.”

After the win, Head Coach J.T. Pursel joined the team on the court, high-fiving the parents and student fans who have been supporting them throughout the year. When asked how the win feels, Pursel said "We talked all season long about always trying to do things 1 degree more, that’s our motto for the year, it’s in our warm ups. We talk about the boiling point of water, 211 it’s hot, 212 it’s boiling, that one degree makes a physical, noticeable change." 

Nazareth will now take the next step of the postseason, districts, which will get underway on the 25th... The Blue Eagles will get a bye in the first round, and play the winner of the Stroudsburg/Pleasant Valley game in the quarterfinals. 
Last year, Nazareth fell to Parkland in the title game, so the Blue Eagles are looking to finish what they started. When asked if they want another trophy, Harding says “We definitely want another trophy, we’ll always go for gold, that’s us. With everything in us, we’ll go for it. I think we have to refocus, yes we took this one, but we’re gonna put it in a little pretty box and put it away, and then we’re just going to keep going.” Quinn also has her sights set on another gold medal, and says “I think we’re gonna go in every day to practice just ready to get better, and we’re still going to get better and work hard every day, and ready to win that district trophy!” As for Coach Pusel, when asked if he’s hungry for another Trophy he says with a big grin “absolutely, I’ve never gotten one of these before, I want another one, I’m hooked!”