October 10, 2018
By: Leah Kocse
Dale Fink, who was once the quarterback of the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks back in 2012, is now the Pass Game Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach at Northwestern Lehigh. Fink joined the football program late this summer, after a brief phone call with Varsity Football Head Coach Josh Snyder. Fink told Snyder how he and his wife Nicole, a Northwestern Lehigh alum, were looking to return to the Lehigh Valley where they met when he played for the Steelhawks. Fink says, “We got acclimated to this area and then we moved back to St. Louis for a little bit but she wanted to move back home so we’re back here now and it’s been fun. It’s been kind of a whirlwind as I never thought meeting my wife here, having two kids, I would be back in Pennsylvania. So I never thought I would be living here but I love the area, I love the community, the school is great, the kids are great, and so are the coaches and people. It’s fun to be around, it’s nice, it’s a breath of fresh air.”

When asked how much of an impact Fink has been on the football program, Coach Snyder says “He’s just so technical. He knows a lot more about the position than I do. He’s really brought along Devon [Bollinger] and and the rest of the quarterbacks that we have here, just teaching them about the little nuances of the quarterback position because he played at such a high level. He is also putting a couple different wrinkles in the offense. 

The players are also happy to have him around, especially senior quarterback Joshua Gornicz and junior quarterback Devon Bollinger, who are both hoping to one day play at the collegiate level. When asked about Northwestern’s newest addition to the coaching staff, Bollinger says “He’s played a lot of ball himself. He’s coached alot too so it's helping our offense out a lot. Getting new plays in and new reads for the quarterbacks, stuff like that, being more comfortable, better mechanics and all, helps us out on offense." When asked if Fink is tough, Bollinger says with a smile “He’s tough, he is very exciting. I like that he brings a lot of energy to practice and games and it’s very enjoyable.” Gornicz says, “He coaches all three quarterbacks differently, he’ll talk to us privately and as a group, he’s just very good to get the best out of all of us.” 

Last year, Northwestern Lehigh finish out the season 4-7 overall. Now, the Tigers are currently 5-2.