October 12, 2018
By: Cassie Schmidt
If you didn’t know, I went to high school with Saquon Barkley and am good friends with the now, Giants running back. Something else you may not know? I am a pretty big Philadelphia Eagles fan. So, of course when the Giants played the Eagles last night on TNF, I felt pretty confused cheering for Saquon, as most (if not all) of the Eagles secondary missed out on tackling him. I will always cheer for Sa Sa, even if he beats the Eagles, but I have to admit.. seeing him have a spectacular night and the Eagles winning, is a pretty good win-win for me. 

As a Barkley fan, seeing him make that 55-yard catch and run and making AT LEAST 6 guys miss their tackles was not only extremely impressive as a football fan but certainly a proud friend/ Zephyr moment for sure! Ever since Saquon was drafted as a New York Giant and NFC East rival.. I told him he was allowed to score a touchdown on my Birds, but was not allowed to beat ‘em. He did indeed score that touchdown, another 50-yard run for the rookie and just 6 points in the 34-13 win over the Giants. Seeing Sa perform as well as he did last night, finishing with another 100+ yard night made me proud for sure. I just wish his O-line was better (when they aren’t played the Birds of course).

As an Eagles fan.. I was VERY happy to see the offense finally perform the way that they did. After last weeks loss to the Vikings, it was safe to say I was actually nervous coming into this game. Our offensive line still struggled a bit, but the play was cleaner and much more productive. Minimizing the mistakes was one aspect that they needed to improve on from last week and they certainly did that last night. Unfortunately not exactly where we need to be just yet, but I think this is EXACTLY what the offense needed. The talent and skill has always been there, they just needed to get clicking again. A nice win, with a productive offense certainly will build confidence all around. As for the defense, Fletch looked like a BEAST (as per usual), Mills made some big stops and the forced fumble in the first quarter, put this offense on the right track for the rest of the game. 

In conclusion.. GO BIRDS & GO SA!