October 24, 2017
By: Erica Rose

Every once in a while you see a team, who has built such a reputation for them-selves that they almost seem unbeatable.  No matter how hard you play them, the cards always fall right for them.  I mean look at what Sue Butz-Stavin has done with the Emmaus field hockey team.  Year in and year out the Green Hornets are playing for a state title.  And now there is another high caliber team who may be on the same level.  

I was at a Parkland ice hockey game last night at the PPL Center.  And yes, I knew the program was good; but I didn’t realize how good.  (It’s been a few years since I’ve covered them, since I was out on maternity leave last winter.)  Well they are better then I remember.  They are now 4-0 this season, but it’s not just that they win; it’s how they do it.  They man handle their opponents.  In just there four games this year the Trojans have outscored their opponents 35-2… yes you read that right 35-2.  That means they don’t have a weakness.  The offense scores, A LOT, and the defense does a pretty good job limiting the shots for goalkeeper Matt Yankanich.  In the first period of last nights game against Emmaus, the Trojans out shot the Green Hornets 25-5.   The final score ended up being 8-0, as the Trojans came away with their 3rd shutout of the season. Timmy Doe, the teams leading scorer, tacked on three more, which got him to an impressive 100 points.  The win also hit a milestone for the Parkland team.  They have now won 100 straight league games, without a loss.  That says a lot about the program (past and present) and how hard the teams work.  

Whenever I talk to teams about achieving a milestone, they always tell me that they didn’t want to be the ones to ruin it.  That’s a lot of pressure for a high school student.  But it seems like these kids embrace the challenge and so far the pressure has not gotten to them, if anything I would say it’s only made them better.  The season just started, so this team is only going to get better.  And let me tell you they are exciting to watch.  Oh and the Trojans will be going for their 9th straight league title this year.  So, like I said – when will someone have an answer for the Trojans? My guess is not anytime soon.