October 26, 2017
By: Erica Rose

While the Notre Dame Green Pond boys soccer team controlled the entire District XI 2A Quarterfinal game on Tuesday night over Palisades, the team still came away unhappy. The boys defeated the Pirates 2-0, but with the amount of shots they had on goal they probably should have scored a few more and head coach Mike Reilly made that clear. The Crusaders dropped a heartbreaker against Northwestern in the Colonial League Championship, where the team gave it all they had, essentially burning out. So, with a few days off before the District opener the team was a little rusty, “I have to get my top scorer’s going again,” said Reilly. But he was confident that with another day of practice under their belt they would be just fine for their matchup tonight against the number 4 seed, Wilson. The Crusaders are the team expected to win the 2A Title and from what I saw they are very capable of doing so. I’ve made it sound like the Quarterfinal game was a bad one; but if the way they dominated the entire game, pulling off the shut-out was considered a “bad” game, then I’m excited to see them play a “good” game!


** Wilson defeated Nativity BVM 6-0 in their Quarterfinal matchup.