November 07, 2018
By: Erica Rose
What makes a team great?  Yes, talent is the obvious answer, but I believe there are a number of things. Hard work, dedication, and the ability to find a way to win even when a team isn't playing at its best, are just a few I would say.  I would also say that the Parkland's girl’s volleyball team is one of those teams, and I am pretty sure people would agree.   Year in and year out Head Coach Mike Krause has those girls competing in the PIAA tournament, and for three of the past four years they've played in the championship.  Last night, the Trojans began their quest back to the title game at Catasauqua High School.  

According to Krause, it wasn't the team's best outing.  They were a little flat footed, which made them one step behind in other areas.  They also struggled to return the serve.  This saw the team trailing early in the first set.  However, Parkland is a great team.  They saw, they adjusted and then came out on the winning end.  Despite it not being their best performance, the Trojans still pulled out the sweep over the 4th place finisher from District 3 in South Western.  The Trojans will advance to the PIAA Quarterfinals (for the fifth straight year) on Saturday, when they play Upper Merion from District 1.  The Trojans don’t know much about the Vikings, but what they do know is that they have three days to prepare.  They will take full advantage of the film and they will be sure they do not play the way they did last night again.