November 03, 2018
By: Cassie Schmidt
 This week was one for the books. This week was my first experience as a color commentator for a live sports broadcast. In my young career thus far as a sports reporter, I have done mostly highlight packages for our Sports Scene show or I was talent for our Muskiest coverage. So this was a completely new and exciting experience for me. I have played sports all of my life with my favorite always being soccer. I’ve been a soccer player for nearly all of my life, playing since I was 4 years old, in middle school, high school and all four years at Kutztown University. That being said, when I was told I was going to have the chance to do color commentary for said sport, I was over the moon about it. In fact, surprisingly enough I was more excited than I was nervous. 

  My first game this week was the District XI 3A Girls Soccer Championship game with Blue Mountain and Southern Lehigh. For my first time doing it I found it to be fun, entertaining and a bit challenging at times but overall, I thought Kristi Fulkerson and myself did a fine job for our first time calling the game. What I did not realize at first was how much actual preparation actually goes into calling a game. You have to go through rosters, regular season and postseason schedules, past League and District Tournament records and titles and of course, all of the little side notes about players and coaches that make the broadcast move smoothly. It took many hours to prepare for one game with two teams, so when we were told we would be tackling a doubleheader on Thursday.. you could say we were a bit more nervous for that. Instead of preparing for one team we have to prep for 4 teams! After finding out all we could we also had to contact coaches to find out more about statistics of the team and the tidbits that only coaches can give to you. 

  All in all, this week might have been one of the most exhausting of my career but it has been just as equally fun! I thought (although a bit biased) Kristi and I did a great job this week and truly kept the broadcast entertaining and informative. I cannot wait to see what else gets thrown at me during the Winter and Spring sports playoffs, but at least now I can say I know what it takes.