November 21, 2018
By: Dan Fremuth
More and more it feels like Thanksgiving is just a speed bump on the highway to Christmas, which is truly a shame as it's one of my favorite holidays. With that, I'd like to celebrate seven reasons (in no particular order) why I love Thanksgiving.

1. Mom's Apple Pie - I know, I know. Everyone's mom makes the best apple pie but the simple fact is that my mom makes the world's best homemade apple pie. It's been a Fall staple since childhood and is literally the perfect Thanksgiving dessert.

2. Football - I don't particularly care who plays in the Thanksgiving football games but there's just something about watching football on Thanksgiving that's better than watching football on other days. 

3. Leftovers - The main Thanksgiving meal is easily one of the best meals in any given year, that's just a given. But seriously how good are those leftovers the next day? There's always plenty of everything left to enjoy. A quick blast in the microwave late in the afternoon or early in the evening on Friday and without all the chaos of Thanksgiving day itself.

4. Street Hockey - We do a fairly large Thanksgiving gathering with family (usually 35-40 people) but before the meal there's the annual street hockey game. It's about as disorganized and chaotic as can be imagined but we get new participants each and every year and it's quickly become our own little Thanksgiving tradition.

5. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - I don't watch every minute of the parade but it's almost like the morning soundtrack to Thanksgiving to have the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on in the background while cooking, cleaning, etc. And there's something wonderfully nostalgic about watching Santa arrive at the end that reminds me of Thanksgiving mornings at my grandfather's years ago.

6. Food Coma - Whether it's the tryptophan or just the copious amounts of food consumed but the post-meal food coma is as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey and football. Family has left, the dishes are done, the score of the football game is irrelevant and you're just plopped on the couch in a state of stuffed bliss.

7. Family - It's cliche I know but the holidays are about family above everything else. Sure they can drive us crazy at times but it's nice to opportunities for everyone to get together and spend a day in each other's company.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!