November 22, 2017
By: Erica Rose

This year the Parkland football team is thankful for several things. Thankful for an undefeated season, thankful to be 6-time defending District XI Champs, thankful to be practicing on Thanksgiving and the guys are even thankful to be facing St. Joe’s Prep in the quarterfinal round of states, despite their lack of success against the Hawks. 
Yes, it’s true senior running back/line backer, Jahan Worth, said he was happy that they had the opportunity to play the Hawks for the 4th time in 5 years, especially in his senior year. The Hawks have been the team to end their run in the quarterfinal round several times now and the Trojans want revenge. Parkland is 0-3 against the Hawks, who have won 25 straight games.  

St. Joe’s always seems to reload each year with big guys up front. They also have fast, and athletic players around them. In fact, that is the one big concern Worth has - their size - and rightfully so. He is afraid his team is going to be worn down by the end of the game, which certainly cannot happen if they want to get past the Hawks.

Limiting turnovers and penalties will be two more keys to a successful game on Saturday. But the guys stressed to me it has to start at practice. They have gone back to the basics and have been extremely focused all week. This is a game that has been on their minds since the beginning of the year. It will certainly be the Trojans toughest task yet. Parkland has outscored their opponents 487-124 this season.  

The Trojans fell to St. Joe’s 38-17 last year and will look for their revenge on Saturday at 1pm. They almost have home field advantage as well; the game will be played at Bethlehem Stadium. Both teams are extremely talented, so if the Trojans can stay strong for all 4 quarters it should be an exciting one!