November 02, 2017
By: Erica Rose

Last night was the District XI Field Hockey Championships and Emmaus, Southern Lehigh, and Moravian Academy all came away defending their titles.  Two of them went into overtime, including the Emmaus and Easton game.  The Red Rovers played one heck of a game.  I was extremely impressed with their defense.  The problem is after one goal they couldn’t seem to get the offense going again.  The Red Rovers came out and did something that no team has been able to do all season and that was put Emmaus in a hole midway through the first half.  They nearly made it a 2-0 game just over a minute later but Chloe Tostevin saved the day.  The Green Hornets could not get on the board in the first half, but had really turned up the pressure in the final minutes; so it was no surprise that they came out and quickly evened the score in the second.  Easton would only have three corners in the second half, and the whistle would blow just before Hailey Couch’s shot negating a goal.  This seemed to be the theme the rest of the night.  From this point on there would be plenty of controversy.  With 26.5 seconds left in the game, what was first called a corner was then changed to a penalty stroke.  Yes a penalty stroke to determine the District Championship.  Apparently one of the players was holding an Emmaus player, but I went back and looked at the footage and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary (it’s very possible I missed it.)  Fortunately for the Red Rovers, Olivia Krogermeier’s shot would go wide.  But their luck did not change.  

Not even 20 seconds in to OT the refs would give the Red Rovers a yellow card, three minutes later they would once again be playing a man down.  So instead of 7v7 it was 7v6.  The Red Rovers would fight off the penalties, but to have those calls made against you in OT when the refs allowed (what they said was too physical of play) the entire game, is tough.  One final call that really stood out to me was on one of Easton’s only times on offense in overtime, after bringing the ball all the way down with a player on her back, it was called Emmaus’s ball.  Fans were not happy.  Yes I am a reporter and yes I am supposed to be unbiased, but I feel bad for the Red Rovers and the way things ended.  Granted Emmaus really picked up the intensity and did control much of the play in the second half and even in overtime, and scored when Easton was at full strength, but it would have been nice to see things play out without the refs making some questionable calls at the end of the game.