November 03, 2017
By: Steve Degler

Believe it or not, prior to last Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers, I had never seen the Philadelphia Eagles play in person at Lincoln Financial Field. The last Birds game I saw in the flesh was at the old Vet. The lone venture to The Linc for me was a Kenny Chesney concert (I'll be back for him next year, too). My Reading Fightin Phils broadcast colleague Rob Hackash contacted me on Friday and said he had an extra ticket. As it turns out, I had some extra time since the dreary forecast had wiped out my original plans for the day.

The weather wasn't great but it certainly could have been much worse. The trickiest part of the tailgate was to not be at the edge of one of the tents when it was time for the rainwater to overflow. Not everyone managed that. It always amazes me the lengths fans go to tailgate before a game. It's virtually impossible to have a bad time.

After their win over the Niners, the Eagles are an NFL-best 7-1. There is still half a season left but the Birds have put themselves in great shape. Will it last? Tough to say. I don't envision a 7-1 second half. They still have to play the Cowboys twice plus there are meetings with the Rams and Seahawks. We'll have to see what kind of impact the trade for Jay Ajayi will have. Plus, this is a team banged up on both sides of the ball. If they can get a couple injured defensive backs to return soon, that would bolster the defense. The NFC East is theirs to lose right now. So is home field advantage throughout the conference playoffs.

I'm enjoying this great start while I can. Hopefully it can continue. All the way to the Super Bowl? Probably not. But it is a major step in the right direction after several less than desirable seasons in Philly. I hope to hear "Fly, Eagles, Fly" many more times this season.