May 21, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Well summer is almost here, thank goodness!  This was one of the worst winters and springs that I can remember – but we made it through! Fingers crossed it will be a good summer, because we deserve it!  With summer comes vacations, beach days, pool parties, tans, and of course summer league basketball at Cedar Beach.  It’s hard to believe it, since spring sports are still in action; but Tuesday night is opening night with 25 teams being broken into large school and small school divisions.  As always the league runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights with 12 games scheduled for each with the first starting at 6 and the last at 8.


If you’ve never been, I highly suggest checking it out.  Four games go on at the same time, and while the teams do take it seriously it’s just a lot of fun.  Fans line the fence and fill the bleachers to watch these high school kids, while coaches have the opportunity to see their younger players perform as well. 


The end of the summer will have a playoff, which will be the week of July 22, so as I said the teams do take it serious.  So if you’re looking for something to do during the week, head to Cedar Beach!