May 21, 2018
By: Meghan Caffrey

    The Steelhawks fell to 0-6 this weekend in their 77-38 loss to the Columbus Lions. That makes Lehigh Valley the only team in the National Arena League who has yet to win a game. The question that many of the Steelhawk faithful have is simply- why? Why can’t the Steelhawks put together something, anything, and come away on top? 

    However the answer for the Steelhawks isn’t as simple as the question posed. Since week one, Lehigh Valley’s roster has been a revolving door. The coaching staff is continuing to bring in players who they think have the experience and talent to help the team week in and week out. And on top of that, Steelhawks continue to get injured each week come game time. Just this past weekend starting quarterback Bryan Morris left in the first quarter and did not return after getting his chin split open. We also cannot forget that the Steelhawks have a new head coach, Danton Barto, who brings with him an entirely new system for the players to adjust to as well. 

    So the answer to the question is more or less the Steelhawks just need more time. They need time to create continuity with their roster. The athletes only have the opportunity to get on the field with one another twice each week. When you put it in perspective, that is only a couple of hours that quarterbacks and receivers are working to establish a rhythm with one another and the defense is working on their coverages. The Steelhawks season is far from over, with 9 games left in the regular season-with 9 opportunities left to earn a win.