May 29, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Let me start off by saying I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! I hope the weather on Sunday didn’t ruin anyone’s plans. Monday turned out to be decent at least! 

Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” kickoff to summer and while many people head to the shore for the long weekend, I choose not to fight the crowds or the traffic! We actually had a fun tradition going for a few years, but then we had a kid and that stopped! Ha-ha. For about 4 years we would go watch the Phillies play on the road.  We went to NYC, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Chicago. We would get there early and play the tourist role, capping off the weekend by going to the game on Monday. It was a fun experience, but two of those years I remember it being SO hot it was almost unbearable. Especially the game in D.C., people were literally sitting/laying in the concourse with ice on there heads drinking water. Other then that it was fun time!  

I can’t tell you if the Phillies won or lost those games, but what I took away were the memories. Times I will always treasure.  

Things have certainly changed since then. Two kids later, (and patiently waiting for a third to arrive any day now) we’ve taken things easier the past few Memorial Days. This year we had a cookout with family and spent time in our pool. I would say it’s much more relaxing, but that would be a lie. Things are more hectic then ever, but I wouldn’t change it. It’s a whole new set of memories we’re making and I hope everyone enjoys theirs as much as I enjoyed mine! Before I end this, most importantly I want to thank everyone who has risked their lives to give us this holiday.