May 24, 2018
By: Cassie Schmidt
   I have to say, one of the best parts of my job is being able to do things that I wouldn't normally do on a regular basis. By that I mean, I probably wouldn't have chosen to go to Action Track USA and witness these tiny, FAST, cars race around a dirt track. Although I'm still new to the sport and racing itself, this was a whole new animal and to be honest, I was quite glad I was able to experience it. 
   Action Track USA, located at the Kutztown Fairgrounds, practically right on the campus of Kutztown University had their season opener last Sunday (5/20) and I had the privilege of covering it. Like I said, I am quite new to this sport and going into it really had no idea what I was going to witness. We got there around 5pm right when practice rounds were about to start, we got a bit of the grand tour inside the track and then behind the track in the pit. It was really neat to see things from the real insider's perspective. I got to do my first interview with one of the drivers racing in the main event (40 lap King of No Wing Shootout). He helped explain things a little bit more and he also let me know that this season opener brings so many cars (70 just in his race) that it is one of his favorites to attend, as well as the cash prize being one of the biggest. Kyle Link ended up coming in third place in the King of No Wing Shootout. 
   After the practice rounds, the qualifying rounds took place where I was really able to watch and really take in the sport. These cars are so tiny and have these tiny engines that you can literally see them take fire around the sharpest of turns. I only had one complaint, it being on a dirt track and all.. the dirt was EVERYWHERE. I mean literally everywhere. That being said, I now know to be a little better prepared for that next time. After qualifiers the 3 main events took place. The difference I soon realized between each of the 3 events were the sizes and engines of the cars. Some of them were slightly bigger with more wings and add-ons to the car, while the fastest cars were less baggage, quicker engines and overall smaller in size. My favorite part was seeing them go around and around at the speed they were going. I even started rooting for one of the cars throughout the 40 lap race. 
   Going to Action Track USA was certainly new, exciting and without a doubt a learning experience but I can confidently say how cool it was and that I would love to go back to witness more of it! 
   You can catch them every Sunday night, except for this upcoming Memorial Day Monday where they will be racing on the holiday! Sounds like a fun something to do on your day off!