May 18, 2017
By: Kristi Fulkerson

To kick off the Ironpigs 10th anniversary season, I recently did a story featuring the updates, additions, and changes to Coca-Cola Park. If you missed it (link to story?), I’m here to rave about my personal favorite addition in 2017 —  

Game. Changer. 

It’s pretty self explanatory but if you’re like me and you love a summer night out at an Ironpigs game — preferably off the clock and complete with junk food — then get to your smartphone and create a new bookmark.

You can search any food or drink available at Coca-Cola Park (including specialty items that change each game) and find out where in the ballpark it’s located (there’s a map!)! It’s pretty simple and pretty awesome. There are close to 20 new food items on the concessions menu this season (plus wine and mixed drinks are now available on the concourse for those 21+), so it’s a great tool! 

Not sure what you want? Browse and decide. 

Know what you want but not sure which concession stand sells it? Search no more. 

Currently eating your first meal but ready for dessert?     Find suggestions & follow the map.

Oh and aside from using the website as you wander around the park drooling over your cell phone, you can even (in the words of GM Kurt Landes) ‘plan your food journey before you arrive at the ballpark’. So at 4 p.m. from your desk at work (I would never), you can mull it over until game time! 

I will admit that most nights I don’t stray from my favorite chicken fingers, fries, and ice cream BUT this season I just may expand my horizons. 

The Ironpigs are home all week. You’re welcome. 

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