Easton Girls Lacrosse Manhandles Freedom

May 24, 2017
By: Erica Rose

The Easton girls’ lacrosse team made it clear that they were not happy with the outcome of their last outing.  The Red Rovers were on the losing end once again in the EPC championship, but it’s how they lost that still stings.  Easton could never get anything going due to whistles and yellow cards, ultimately losing Leanna Deegan for the second half.

Well, the Red Rovers returned to the scene of the crime last night and that brought back a lot of hard feelings; unfortunately for Freedom they would be the ones to feel the wrath.

Easton handed the Patriots a good old butt whoopin’ if you will.  It would take Freedom 15:34 to even get on the board.  Then, the Red Rovers defense would basically hold them to 2 goals the entire game, until a meaningless goal with 17 seconds remaining.  Combine that with an explosive offense and you have a 15-3 defeat.  

Easton sophomore, Emily Tuturice would lead the way scoring six goals on the night, while reaching career number 100.  Did I mention that she is just a sophomore?

The win earned Easton a berth to the District XI 3A championship on Wednesday night at Lehigh University, where they will face their newfound rival in Parkland.  The Trojans have defeated Easton in 3 titles games over the past two years, including last weeks EPC final.  But the Red Rovers are more anxious then ever to get one more crack at the powerhouse, to prove they can take them down.