May 31, 2017
By: Kristi Fulkerson
At the conclusion of the District XI 3A boys championship game (four quarters, two weather delays, and 24 goals later), I headed down from the press box for postgame interviews to wrap up our live television coverage. After chatting with Parkland senior Gavin Saylor and head coach Brad Schifko I was in search of the team’s face-off specialist, Andrew Albertson. In the midst of the rain and chaos I pointed to the junior and ask if he’d do a quick interview. To which he responded, ‘Who, me?” looking behind him as if there was someone more worthy. A pretty humble district champion who had dominated his role at the ‘X’. 

“In my opinion, and I may be biased, but I think it was on full display tonight - he is the best,” Coach Schiko said, “I don’t think there’s anyone that will argue that. They were throwing everything at him they possible could to derail him, he’s a warrior.”

Emmaus knew that winning face-offs would be difficult against Albertson, and throughout the course of the night sent several different players to contest the ace, but to no avail. Albertson went 26-1 at the ‘X’, the only non-win was due to an infraction. 

After reluctantly accepting my request for an interview, the EPC second team all-star was mostly complimentary of his team but happy he could contribute in the win, “I knew possessions were going to be everything in this game when it comes to a team like Emmaus. I thought our team came out and played well, the rain delays didn’t disrupt us at all.”

It took more than just face-off wins for the Trojans to secure their first district title in program history — a definite team effort in the 15-9 win (7 different goal-scorers and key saves from James McLaughlin in net) — but there’s no doubt the play of No. 38 was the difference.