March 23, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
The East Stroudsburg campus didn’t just get hammered with snow but
they were also hit with heartbreak last night at Koehler field house
as the men’s basketball journey came to an end. This year the men
managed to check off a PSAC Championship and their first ever Atlantic
Region title. Oh don’t forget about winning the second-most games in
school history behind the 2014 team that finished 30-2. To say they
accomplished a lot this season would be an understatement.

But as we know all good things must come to an end. In Sioux Falls,
South Dakota the Warriors hit the hard wood against Northern State
(S.D.). The Wolves and their fans were very familiar with this court
as they had already played three games here (a little home court
advantage taking place). Northern State fans, who only had to make a
short trip, filled the arena. Meanwhile, ESU fans who would have had
to take a plane ride there, had a watch party in Koehler Fieldhouse.

The Warriors started out strong in the first half. The Wolves didn’t
know what to do against their press (no surprise here). ESU’s defense
was clearly stronger, forcing Northern State to 12 turn overs in the
first 20. At the half, the Warriors only trailed by 6. ESU is usually
a second half team so no one was panicking yet …. until the second
half. The Warriors couldn’t seem to get a shot off and Northern State
came alive. It seemed like they just couldn’t miss. Northern State
shot 57% from the field defeating ESU 79-71 and will be advancing to
play in Thursday’s National semifinal.

Steve Harris, first team All-PSAC East, second team All-Region and the
MVP of ESU’s PSAC and Atlantic Region championships, played in his
final collegiate game ever. BUT TALK ABOUT ENDING STRONG. He finished
with a career high of 28 points. He will sure be missed, as well as
the rest of this season.