March 28, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Spring sports have finally begun and my first assignment did not disappoint! Last night I covered Parkland and Bethlehem Catholic boys volleyball, which came down to the final two points in the 5th set. But lets go back to the beginning. 

Every set was filled with back and forth action and a ton of lead changes. No set ever felt like it was over until that final point. Beca felt really good after the first set, coming from behind to take the win late, but as expected the Trojans would step up their game. Credit both teams for their hard work and determination on the court.  Now I know we are used to Parkland handling teams with ease, but this year may be a little different, at least until they get a few more quality matches under their belt. However, if last night is any indication of how the season will go, once they are jelling then opponents beware.  

As for the Golden Hawks, they may be working with the more experience then they have been in several years, but they still have a long way to go. Despite having 8 seniors on the roster none of them have been playing for a full 4 years. The Golden Hawks also have no juniors on the team, but a very talented sophomore squad.  

Unfortunately, for Beca, they were on the losing end last night against the Trojans but the way they performed will definitely give the guys some added confidence for the year. I was particularly impressed with senior Nick Hulbert, who finished with 15 kills on the night. The outside hitter, who is looking at schools such as St. Johns and Seton Hall, will definitely be someone to keep an eye out for this season.  

Despite everything I just mentioned both teams expect to be top contenders this year. No one would be surprised to see the Trojans back on top in large part to an excellent coaching staff headed by Scott Trumbauer.  Beca knows that many do not have them hoisting any trophy at the end of the year, but they are looking to finish in the top 4 of the EPC. They believe they are up to the challenge and people may start to realize that after last night.