March 19, 2018
By: Erica Rose

It’s that time of year, that many sports fans look forward to. Even if you haven’t watched a single game all year, you now know your days will be spent in front of a TV. Cheering for your team? Maybe. Your bracket? Quite possible. I’m talking about March Madness. So, why do they call it March Madness? Is it because of all the craziness that happens on the court, or because of how mad people get over the money they lose in their pool?(ha) Men and women get invested every year, with teams they’ve never even heard of in hopes of having the National Champion correct and more points then their coworkers, family, significant other or whoever it may be they are competing against. Or maybe they are just waiting to see who will be that Cinderella story and what makes it fun is you don’t have to know a single thing about college basketball to fill out a bracket and get involved in the NCAA Tournament.  

Well this year has been especially interesting (not for my bracket) but because it has certainly been the year of the underdogs. History was made on Saturday night, as a number 16 (UMBC) seed defeated a number 1 seed.. and that is just the beginning. We also saw number 2 UNC get crushed by Texas A&M (which is surprising) making it the first time a top 4 team did not advance to the Sweet 16 (from one Region).

There have been plenty of blowouts surprisingly, and even more buzzer beaters but I have to say one of my biggest pet peeves are free throws. Houston ended up losing to Michigan in the Round of 32, why? Oh because they couldn’t knock down a foul shot in the final few SECONDS and they aren’t the only team to choke from the charity stripe. I’m sorry, but if you cannot hit a free throw down the stretch then I don’t feel bad that you lost. 

March is a fun time of year and being so competitive I root more for my bracket more then anything else (just so I can have bragging rights over my husband!) This year I’ve already lost two of my final four teams, but I am clinging on to my champion for dear life! GO VILLANOVA! And Happy March!