March 23, 2018
By: Doug Heater

If you have ever wondered what an average day at Phillies Spring Training is like, here is an inside look at your typical day. The players have to arrive between 7 and 7:30 in the morning, will try to sneak in a little breakfast, before early work between 8 and 8:30. For the pitchers there might be some light throwing, or some time to work on their mechanics. For the hitters it’s usually time in the indoor cage. Some players will also get some extra work on the field, taking grounders from one of the coaches. 

After that, the players will get some time in the weight room, a 15 minute orientation from the coaches, then out to throw, take infield, and a team fundamental session. This is followed by some batting practice, which resembles a normal game day bp, where those who aren’t hitting will be shagging fly balls, others will be taking extra swings in the indoor cage.

Then comes a 30 minute lunch break, then right back on the field 15 minutes before game time, where the players will stretch, run some light sprints, and throw to get the arm warm. Starting pitchers on these days will go through their normal pregame warmup, starting with long toss with their catcher, then slowly building up to throwing off the mound next to the field. For the position players, they will get themselves ready for the game, going over the lineup and making sure all of their bats have enough pine tar on them, and their gloves are ready to go.

After the game, which will usually take three hours, if your Dylan Cozens, you hit the weight room again, then relax with your teammates, grab some dinner and then eventually get some sleep. The next day, you do this all over again, until the season starts for the Pigs on April 3rd in Reading, and for real two day’s later in Pawtucket.