June 28, 2019
By: Erica Rose
For those of you who don’t know, I have three children all ages 4 and under.  My life and my house are very hectic, chaotic, and whatever other adjective you can probably think of, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Before having kids, I was always very athletic and competitive, but after I had my son that all got put on the back burner.  But after my third, I knew I wanted to make a change.  Make time for me, and get back (or at least try) to the shape I was prior to kids.  Let me tell you – this is not an easy task.  I try to squeeze my workouts in when my youngest is napping. Sometimes I’m successful sometimes I’m not.  

But, one of the goals I wanted to achieve when I started getting back in shape was to run in an organized event; and I finally made that happen.  I started working out in January and in March I signed up for my first 5k.  Now I know that may not sound like much, it’s 3.1 miles but trust me it was plenty for me.  Last Saturday not only did I compete in my first ever 5k, but I achieved my goal of finishing in 30 minutes.  It has felt really good getting back out there, getting in shape and I encourage anyone who is thinking about running a race to just do it!  Trust me I am not where I want to be, but running in the race was a great start and it was something I achieved for me.  You will be so happy with yourself once you get out there and do it, if it is something you’ve wanted to do.  Set realistic goals and start slow, but do something for you!  I’ve already signed up for another next weekend, and I don’t expect to win it but I am hoping to improve my time.  If I don’t then that’s ok.  At least I am out there doing something I enjoy. Will I run in anything more then a 5k? Probably not.  I give a lot of credit to those that are out there running marathons, but that is definitely not for me.  The most exiting thing about all of my hard work is that my kids now want to run.  In fact, they will be running in a half-mile race on the same night as me!

So, trust me I know it can be hard getting motivated, and I will admit that I kept coming up with reasons not to get back in shape, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that I have started.  I feel better, and although the results are coming much slower then I had hoped I just keep staying positive.  If I can do it, so can you!