Should Cam Perkins Stay?

June 22, 2017
By: Doug Heater

There has been a few players that have gotten called up to Philadelphia that you really felt good about them getting their chance to play for the Phillies. For me, I will name three that have gotten that call recently. Adam Morgan two years ago, Tommy Joseph last season, and two days ago add Cam Perkins.

For most fans I can imagine their reaction was “What took so long?” I can agree with that. Having talked to Cam during spring training he had the same mindset that he took with him throughout the entire season in 2016. Keep playing solid defense in all three outfield positions, and maintain consistency at the plate. He has told us many times that his favorite position is batter, that hasn’t changed. His defense the last few years has gotten better, he has shown great range in the outfield, and gets great reads on the ball as it comes off the bat. 

His knowledge of the game is another plus. He spends time during game action imagining what his manager, Dusty Wathan would do in this current situation, all part of what has made him a better player. Even last season, then Pigs manager Dave Brundage said the biggest change in his game last year was his maturity, something that wasn’t there during his Triple-A debut season of 2014. 

Perkins has done just about all he can do at the minor league level. His mental approach to the game, his work ethic preparing himself everyday, and his ability to play all three outfield positions well. Also let’s throw in the fact that he can play first base, that right there tells you there is no reason what so ever to send him back down to the Pigs. While I would like to sit down and talk to him one more time, plus he make the IronPigs lineup much better with his ability to produce anywhere they hit him, he definitely belongs on a major league roster, whether that is in Philly or somewhere else.