Rylee Donaldson Continues to Excel on the Soccer Field

June 29, 2017
By: Erica Rose

Any coach loves to hear a player say, I can go wherever you need me.  But when they truly mean, they can play and excel at any position it’s a blessing.  Salisbury Head Coach Rich Babyak knows all about it.  Last night I was at the Lehigh Valley Summer Soccer League, and I watched the Falcons pull out a 3-2 victory.  Granted it is just summer league. Teams are missing players, coaches try different things, but given what it is, it was a very good win for the girls, said coach. 

Who lifted the falcons to victory? None other then upcoming junior Rylee Donaldson. Donaldson was involved in every scoring possession last night. The first goal she decided to come all the way down and do it herself, the second is a testament to not giving up. Donaldson found herself with a wide-open net, thanks to her teammate who pulled the goalie to the opposite post. Now, the Falcons could have easily given up as they lost the 2 goal lead and were forced to over time; but instead the girls kept their composure, and drew a corner, which is when Donaldson placed a perfect ball right in front to end the game.

The junior has already verbally committed to play at Bucknell University, but with two seasons still ahead of her at Salisbury she is excited with how the team is performing. So is coach in fact. The Falcons lost a good amount of seniors, and will have a mix out on the field this year. So far things are coming along really well, even quicker than coach expected.