Playing For The Right Reasons

June 19, 2017
By: Steve Degler

Many times I get asked about which sport is my favorite to broadcast. The real answer is I don’t have one but baseball, hockey and college basketball would certainly make the final cut. That doesn’t mean I dislike announcing other sports.

I have also been questioned a lot on why I do high school sports. This one is easy to answer. Scholastic athletics is a huge part of what we do at TV2 Sports. It is absolutely fabulous to cover professional baseball and hockey and games at the college level are very enjoyable. You get to see some tremendous athletes, many of whom will graduate to the highest level in their sport. It’s always fun to see a future all-star or maybe even a potential hall of famer.

But after spending two days at Penn State covering the PIAA softball championships, I still have a great deal of fun covering high school student-athletes. Why? Most are playing because they enjoy the competition even if they will not pursue athletics in college. In essence, they are “playing for the right reasons.” And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

There is great enjoyment watching you men and women give everything during a game. They practice very hard to do the best they can. It doesn’t matter that they will never make it to the professional ranks. They play for pride and fun. And it’s a complete blast watching them do it.