June 18, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Any athlete who wants to excel in their sport really has no off-season. Sadly, that has become the case for kids as young as 10 years old. So just imagine (unless you were one of course) what it must be like to play a Division I sport. When I was in college (I won’t mention the year!) I played field hockey at a Division III level. Field hockey is obviously a fall sport, however in the Spring we got together to play spring ball and workout, once a week in the summer it was “strongly recommended” to get together and play, on top of following the huge workout packet we received at the end of the year to prepare us for preseason. Preseason was always hell, as many of you know. It started with 3 a days and gradually got less, so I can’t even imagine the time and dedication a Division I athlete must put in. But, every year during preseason we would have a day where we went on an “adventure” to do some team bonding. Well, I recently saw that the Lehigh Men’s Basketball team has already been on campus for their first summer session, which included a retreat to the Poconos to enhance their connectedness.   

Head Coach Brett Reed is hoping those days away from campus will allow his players to develop chemistry and camaraderie. This is the second year for the retreat, allowing the returning players to build on what they discussed last year, and the incoming freshman the opportunity to get to know their teammates before any time on the court. It’s also forcing the guys to step out of their comfort zone.  

Having played sports my entire life and now covering them I truly believe the key to success is not just the talent, but also the value of teammates. So many times I have interviewed successful squads and the one thing they all say to me is “we’re a family.” If the team doesn’t get along then it will show on the court, field, ice etc. Well the players at Lehigh believe they have developed that bond and can hold each other accountable. Let's see if it shows this year on the basketball court!