June 21, 2018
By: Erica Rose

It is finally summer! School is out, and the kids are thrilled! Parents probably not so much! But the good news is, there are always plenty of things to do during these next few months. In fact, high schools and colleges are already holding various camps throughout the area. Whether it’s soccer, field hockey, basketball, or any other sport, camps are a great way to get the kids out of the house at least for a few hours. But, it also keeps them active rather then just sitting around all day. Here, at Service Electric, we try to get out to several camps throughout the summer and interview the kids. They always love it. And one thing I can truly say is that they LOVE being coached by some of their favorite players and coaches, especially when it comes to college. Both Lehigh and Lafayette offer camps as well as the other local Division II and III schools. Honestly, the athletes who are volunteering their time enjoy it just as much. Several of the colleges offer more then one week, which means if one doesn’t work for you there is no need to panic!     


I’ve attached a link below that mentions several camps, which will be offered throughout the summer. I hope it helps! Now go get those kids out of your hair!