June 26, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Every athlete wants to win. I mean, why compete if not? But sometimes life happens and injuries alter plans.  When this happens you have two choices: to hang your head and give up or fight through it and encourage your teammates while you heal. Rising Lehigh senior Maura Henderson chose the ladder and she was recently recognized for her unselfish acts. The administrators of the PL Student-Athlete Advisory Committee recently named Henderson as the winner of the Patriot League’s Sportsmanship Award.

For the past 13 years the Patriot League Sportsmanship award has been presented to one male and one female athlete, who have demonstrated the values of respect and integrity. The award was created to recognize student-athletes that uphold the principles on which the League was founded – fairness, equality and excellence in academics and athletics. The awards are open to all Patriot League student-athletes.

Lehigh track and field assistant coach Brook Astor is on record saying “Maura's goal to make it to NCAAs and become an All-American was very attainable at the beginning of the year, but as a few injuries occurred, she was unable to advance to the Championships." "When a male teammate qualified for NCAAs, Maura was the first one to suggest that a group of us take a road trip to watch the race. While many athletes would have been heartbroken over not achieving their dream, Maura looked past herself and turned her attention and support to her teammate...It is selfless acts like this that make Maura a great sport and an even better role model for the younger athletes on our team."

Any athlete knows that this is easier said then done and Henderson is definitely a teammate I would have loved to have.