June 20, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
Every year, dating back to 1985, over 400 high school baseball and softball players from the tri-state, are able to showcase their talents and skills infant of major league and college scouts. The Carpenter Cup has been a catalyst for many players to receive scholarships or admission to some of the country's finest universities.The tournament was named in honor of the Robert and Rule Carpenter, the former owners of the Philadelphia Phillies.Many Carpenter Cup participants have gone on to big league careers including Mike Piazza, Ben Davis, Mike Koplove, David Miller and Bobby Higginson.

There are 16 different teams in the single elimination tournament hosted at FDR park in Philadelphia. The final two teams left in the tournament get to play the championship game at Citizen's Bank park. That's one way to motivate the players! The tournament opens up with a skills day which consists of one or two players from each team. The stand were filled with scouts from an array of different Universities and College's. Of course, every player is trying to show of their skills and make them stand out the best that they can. The games are slightly different then the high school games that these players are used to. In this tournament they play 9 innings instead of 7, which might not sounds like a huge deal, but it does make quite the difference. Unfortunately, this year our Lehigh Valley team only made it to the second round. The first game they played they came back from being down 4-0 in the first inning! After getting to know coach Ted Plessl, it's safe to say that this guy has A LOT of knowledge and experience. He pointed out something to me. Yes, these guys are the best of the best so everyone expects them to win every game and be an amazing team, but what some people forget is that the best is playing against the best.