June 07, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
I don't mean to brag...but I couldn't have asked for a better Monday. For someone that's never been to the Lehigh Country Club, it's a beautiful venue and has such a nice course. On Monday the Lehigh links were filled with some of the most respected and well known retired professional athletes in the world, for the 9th Annual Andre Reed Celebrity Golf tournament. Andre and the Reed family started this tournament with one thing in mind. To give back to the community that helped build them and shape them into the successful people that they are today (not to mention a Hall of Famer). Andre and his brothers and even some of the athletes in attendance, such as Spud Webb, grew up in the Boys and Girl's club. They know exactly what these children are going through and that's why they want to do anything in their power to help. As well as, help them to realize that no matter where you come from, or what your background is, you can do something empowering. They want to pass along the message that if you work hard enough to accomplish something, anything is possible. 

The annual golf tournament is a fun way that they raise money for the Allentown Boys and Girl's club while reconnecting with friends, and of course, getting a chance to hit the fairways. Athletes from all over the country come out to support Andre and his Foundation and they do it because well... they love helping out their friend anyway they can. No matter what team they were on or whether they were in the NBA or the NFL, helping each other out is second nature. After talking to Andre, he told me that helping out in the community is much more important to him than any catch, or any touchdown he's ever made. Being a professional athlete is much more than some may like to think. Your job off the field or court is just as crucial then your job on them. It was so refreshing to see. No matter how far the retired athletes had to travel, they wouldn't miss it.