June 25, 2018
By: Meghan Caffrey

If you know me, you know that football is hands down my favorite sport. It’s my jam. Throughout my time at Service Electric I have been lucky to cover some of Pennsylvania’s best high school football teams and even taken my shot at the indoor game. 

    However, not only has Service Electric allowed me countless opportunities to cover my favorite sport, it also opens new doors to totally different sporting events that I would never think to go to if it weren’t for work. This weekend was another perfect example of that. Sunday afternoon Phil and I went out to cover the Freemansburg AMA Professional Hillclimb. It was so much fun! Covering this event allowed me the opportunity to completely immerse myself in a niche sport that I had no prior knowledge of. I learned the technicalities of how different bikes worked their ways up the hill and the pros and cons of the different classes of bikes. On top of it all, it was so much fun to watch! For all of you who missed out on this event, never fear, the AMA Pro Hillclimb circuit will be back in Freemansburg to finish out the season and I highly recommend you make your way out to watch.