July 10, 2018
By: Cassie Schmidt
  Last week I had the opportunity and pleasure of covering the 17th annual Will Wotring LAX Fest. In 2002, Will Wotring lost his life in a car accident. He was a lacrosse player at Emmaus High School and at York College. He always had a passion for the game as well as helping others and giving back to his church and his community. Will's church that he belonged to would take time to help out an organization called Project Help. They are a habitat-for-humanity organization that helps to rebuild homes for those that may have lost theirs. They also help out the families who lost their homes in any way possible. 
  The summer following Will's passing, a group of his close friends, teammates and family members wanted to do something in memory of him. A lacrosse tournament for summer league lacrosse players was what they came up with. Ever since that summer, 17 years ago, there has been a Will Wotring LAX Fest. Preserving both the memory of Will as well as giving any donations and money raised directly to Project Help. Since the tournament start, they have raised over $20,000. 
  There were so many feel good aspects to this story and the tournament. As an athlete, I can think of no better way to be remembered than by a tournament or day of playing the sport that I loved. With the added bonus of all proceeds going to a charity, just helps to really tell the story of the guy Will truly was. I also loved the fact that this tournament has been going on for so long. It is very rare to see tournaments successfully go on each and every year, let alone 17 years straight. I think that also goes to show how great a community Emmaus is to both Will and his family as well as their suppoprt of such a wonderful cause.