July 06, 2018
By: Dan Fremuth
We’ve all been there before.

The anticipation. The nerves. The excitement. The unknown.

Questions have raced through your head leading up to this moment and now it’s a venerable onslaught.

It’s the first day of a new job.

We all know the feeling. You’re thrilled to be starting a new job with new people and new opportunities. It’s a new challenge for you personally and professionally and the possibilities are endless. But you can’t help but pull into this foreign parking lot without some nerves and trepidation too.

This wave of emotions is a ride I took just a few weeks back when I started my first week of employment as Coordinating Producer for “Lehigh Valley Sports Scene” at Service Electric TV2 Sports.

Having associated with the dedicated, hard-working folks at Service Electric in my previous role as Director of Public Relations with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, it’s fair to say my excitement level was off the charts. These are people who are committed to both their craft and the Lehigh Valley. They’re honest, professional and friendly. So, with that established history and familiarity, you’re probably wondering how then could I possibly be nervous heading into such a tremendous situation with phenomenal people?

The answer is quite simple. I don’t want to let them down.

The products they put forth are on par with any sports telecasts and programming around. Am I biased? Sure. But it’s also the truth. And those who watch telecasts of Phantoms hockey or IronPigs baseball will agree with me.

It is now my duty and responsibility to match that standard. 

Full disclosure, the nerves really only lasted through the first day. Although, I will admit that at the end of my first day I truly wasn’t sure if I could do this. But thanks, in large part, to the tremendous support I’ve received from management and my co-workers, it doesn’t at all feel now like I’ve only been here  a few weeks.