July 17, 2018
By: Tom Meikrantz
 This past week my family decided to do something different for vacation and go north instead of south. What a great time we had at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and even my 22-year-old son Corey gushed about the change of scenery. The weather was a pleasant respite from the hot, hazy and humid conditions here in the Lehigh Valley. There was a pleasant breeze on the beaches. Inlets were filled with boats.

  We took a couple of day trips via ferry to the two well-known islands off the coast, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Walking the cobblestone streets of Nantucket was neat and I didn’t even mind the stops at the quaint shops which is a more preferable pastime for the female half of the fam. The cliffs on one shoreline and the oldest lighthouse in the country are found in one corner of Martha’s Vineyard. You can see several movie locations for the blockbuster “Jaws” there as well as the infamous bridge in Chappaquiddick. 

  We stayed near Hyannis which put us just a couple of miles from the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport. We got as close as we could to it on the beach. What history took place there, beginning with the growing up years of the 11 children to when the estate on the beach served as JFK’s summer white house. I thought about the touch football games on the front lawn and all the special events and family gatherings that took place there. Corey and I visited the JFK Museum in downtown Hyannis which featured many photos of the compound when it was full of life. It was strange to see no activity there, very quiet. Corey said the museum inspired him (wow).

   There’s plenty to do at Cape Cod from biking the Rail Trail to fishing of course and kayaking is popular as well as sailing. My daughter Caylin liked running on the beach nearby. Our hotel was bayside which was a nice setting. The clam chowder was the best I ever tasted. All in all an enjoyable stretch of days in the middle of summer.