July 16, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
If you didn't know, I'm from Belvidere, New Jersey! A town that's one square mile right across the Delaware River. Being that I am from New Jersey and work in Allentown and Bethlehem, I learn new things about the Lehigh Valley every single day! One of the things that I was actually extremely familiar with is Dutch Springs! When I was growing up, after soccer practice my mom would take my friends and I to Dutch Springs and we could not get enough of that place. When I was jumping in the water and climbing all of the attractions in the aqua park, I never imagined that I'd be visiting the park as a reporter. AND IT WAS AWESOME. 

Not only did Ian and I get a whole tour of the place, but we got a chance to try out all of the new things that the park had to offer! (good thing I brought a change of clothes). The only thing I can say about visiting the park now is that it just keeps on getting better. While asking people why they love this park so much, everyone could agree that one of the main reasons this park sticks out from the rest is because of the natural environment. Not saying there is anything wrong with concrete amusement parks... (also grew up with a season pass to Dorney Park) but it is so refreshing to feel like you're enjoying our beautiful earth while getting a thrill. Moms and Dads if you want to take your kids somewhere but also want to get some parent relaxation as well, Dutch Springs it the place to be. They have a full staffed lifeguard staff at all times and no one is allowed in the water without a life jacket. So you can put you mind at ease for a couple of hours. I linked the website down below because you would be crazy not to enjoy a summer day here!!!