July 31, 2017
By: Kristi Fulkerson
Having worked in the sports television business since 2009 I’ve had to opportunity to cover a ton of outstanding athletes. After bouncing around to a couple different areas for jobs, I’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley for about five years now, long enough to start hearing the same names over and over. 

I think, ’Ah, that must be ___’s brother’ or ‘wow, must be the younger sister of ____’, etc… But gosh, haven’t we all thought — ‘how many more Cunninghams are there at Whitehall High School?’  (I know their opponents have). The answer is two. 

I had a chance to sit down with four of the seven members of the family, the Cunningham girls - Kayla (Class of 2013), Kourtney (Class of 2015), Kylee (Class of 2017), and Kassidy (Class of 2018). They also have a younger brother, Tyler, who will be in 8th grade this fall. We chatted about their Whitehall careers, future plans, favorite moments, and more. 

All four girls were 3 or 4-sport athletes and among the (crazy) athletes that doubled up to play both soccer and field hockey in the fall. Going from games to practice, practice to games, all while keeping up with their homework and excelling in the classroom. Combining to win several championships and set new records along the way, the most impressive part about the Cunninghams is their dedication. Their training regiment, how they push each other, and work hard for their respective teams. 

Whitehall Head Field Hockey Coach Jenn Bodnar had the privilege (her words) to coach all four of the Cunninghams, admitting they’re all different but have a similar drive. She calls the oldest sister, Kayla, 100% coachable and ‘hands-down one of the best athletes that I’ve ever seen’; Kourtney ‘has determination like I’ve never seen’; Kylee is ‘a perfectionist and a natural leader on and off the field’, and she deems Kassidy a free spirit and goofball at times, but someone who is ‘competitive and always brings heart and hustle to the game’.