Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up..

July 12, 2017
By: Erica Rose

So, normally I cover a story or a game, and after I am done editing I give it little thought.  Last night’s story however is much different. 

Coca-Cola park held its own home run derby, but this one was much more important than the one in Miami.  This was founded by Lance Mueller as a way to raise money for cancer research, and it was really a great event.  The day saw four different portions, which began with high school kids, followed by an 18-35 age group and an executive group.  Each stepped to the plate to see how far they could nail a baseball.

After the executive division, was the main event, if you will.  A cocktail party was held, giving people the opportunity to pledge the 10 high school baseball players who were selected.  The players were selected based off of a paragraph they wrote of “what cancer means to them.”  And it is just so sad that so many of them have already been affected in one-way or another at such a young age. 

Lance Mueller, is a cancer survivor, along with his wife and his son Austin was one of the kids out there hitting to raise money.  One of Austin’s best friends, Michael Jenkins has also been affected, but he is not so lucky.  In January Michael’s father passed away of pancreatic cancer.  Michael’s essay on why cancer research is so important to him brought me to tears.  See the thing is, at the time his father was battling pancreatic cancer, his mother was battling breast cancer.  To hear how he and his brother needed to step up and take care of things, rather than be out enjoying their teenage years is something no kid should have to endure.  Michael’s mother however is a cancer survivor, and she threw out the first pitch at last night’s event.

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, and anyone who has heard Jimmy V’s speech has probably never forgotten it.  So it’s no surprise that that was the the organization Mueller teamed up with.  But did you know they are one of the few cancer research facilities, which donate all 100% of the funds raised to cancer research.